Sam Losco: What's the matter? The seventh and final season of the series' original run on Showcase ended in 2007, with its final episode, "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys", premiering as a one-hour special on December 7, 2008. Jacob Collins: Ba ba ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Ricky: Well, now I can't smoke. [Pointing to Randy] Randy, you a'int even had your ultrasound yet, have you dawg? Trailer Park Boys The boys are back on the loose as Bubbles, Julian and Ricky head south of the Canadian border for some outrageous American adventures. Ricky: I love all creatures like gophers and deerts, and those things that fly and everything else, but f*** seagulls. You're not even from this park. Ricky: [talking about the gay bar] Well, I wasn't one who really f***ing noticed anything out of the ordinary but they were requesting songs like Madonna and that which is f***ing awesome, but it was Julian who noticed something really f***ing weird. [pause] Daddy's bum's fine, honey. Ricky: Two f***ing idiots who don't know when to come around and buy dope. J-Roc: I was gettin' changed, Motherf***er! Season 11 premiered on March 31, 2017. J-Roc's Mom: Jamie, how many 29 year old record company presidents operate out of their mom's trailers? Ricky: I'd say we got about a ten per cent chance of gettin' out of this one boys. All for all and one for one. Ricky: Hehe. J-Roc: Believe it or not ma, some people think I'm gonna make it in this rap game!, know what I'm sayin'. From: "F**k Community College, Let's Get Drunk and Eat Chicken Fingers" (Season 1, Episode 2), Quote: "Here’s what I know, Rick. No, NASA does. Ricky: Why aren't you watching the dope plants, you asshole? Bubbles I can't f***in' do this. Ricky: [knocking on Julian's trailer door] Let's go, open the f***ing door, or I'm burning the trailer down! The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Will it be you Rick? Later that year, the show received the green light for two more seasons and began production on Season 10. There will be no jeopardization of the people in this park. J-Roc: Randy, sometimes, you're fat. Keep Lahay and Randy distracted, make a few bucks. Do you understand that? If it doesn't, you don't own it. From: "Don't Cross the Sh*tline" (Season 5, Episode 6), Quote: "I don't want to be known as the guy who walks up and slaps badonkadonks". moonlight. Ricky: I try to be a role model for kids around the park. Bubbles: Here's what I know, Rick. We gotta go get Rush tickets! Anyway, we had to take the doll away because he, you know, f***ed Bubbles' mind up. I could do you right now. That's when they realize a bucket isn't enough and they begin to ask for more. Some guy would take one look at me and say...'uhhh, sorry sir, you gotta be able to see a little better than that.' They're drivin' along, and they've got deadlines to meet... they don't wanna pull in and... park the truck, walk in, take a pee in the toilet, then go back out and get on the road... they just have an old jug and they... put their bird in it, have a pee, cap it off, and once it's full they just drill the f***in' thing out on the highway! Ricky: Don't even f***in' start with me today, Lahey! Ricky: [starts throwing dishes off the roof] I'll take every f***ing one of these down, is that what you want? Ricky: Somebody whose ex-wife owns the trailer park is the only reason you got the job as trailer park supervisor; you got fired from the police force 'cause you f***ed up bigtime, but we're not gonna' talk about that, are we? Bubbles: That depends, can you go f*** yourself? And a f***in' truck glued to my hand! ", NEXT: 15 Things You Never Knew About Trailer Park Boys. Ricky: I'm drunk! Give me the gun. I'll give you two grams of blonde Lebanese hash. J-Roc: [while being carried away by the police for recording porn in his trailer] Gotta get my smoke machine, ya know what I'm sayin'? A vlog series on Swearnet called State of the Union confirmed a second season taking place in the United States. He was knocking back the drinks out of a coffee pot. Julian: Ricky, get the dishes off my roof. Bubbles: Holy f*** Ray, look! You're buying dope off of *Sam*? Go talk to Barb, tell her you were too stoned at the time and you need to think about it. A-fuckin-atodaso!”. Ricky: Looks like a tropical earthquake blew through here or something, man. Who doesn't have a drink too many times once in a while and maybe even winds up passed out in their own driveway, pissing themselves? Cory: Shit dude, we sent them to this new bar, The Empty Closet. Go down to E.I. So when the pants come off, look the f*** out! Julian, it must be the fumes. … Ricky: Randy can't fight with his pants on, he doesn't want to tear his precious little pants. You know, that's what good parenting is all about. Bubbles: [to Sam Losco] Is it just me, or can someone here go f*** themselves? Ricky: Mr. Stupidy-head, thats, f***in' pissin' me off right now and thinks he's the captain of the Shit-liner, and by the way your fish stick sucks so f*** off! Julian: Ricky, I'm telling you, you gotta stop growing pot. [pause] Well don't drink any more of it, all right? She can take half your car, half the trailer park, half your video game, she can even take half your cigarettes Ricky. Ricky: I'm not getting Lucy one of those 'Cubic Zarcarbian' f***in' things. Oddly enough, despite his career in the world of crime, he's managed to stay out of jail more than his associates. Trevor: I'm not going to say "who's there" man. When the Barometer rises, and you'll feel it too, your ears will implode with the Shit Pressure. Is this all about cheeseburgers? If it doesn’t, you don’t own it. It is basically quotes that I think are awesome and funny from Trailer Park Boys be it Laheyisms, Rickyisms etc. Ricky: Yeah, well, your dad is a bit of an idiot. Mr. Lahey: [Drunk] Oooh, nice Mall-Cop uniform, Ricky! And now, you're gonna' get fired from this job 'cause you're nothin' but a drunk f***in' idiot who can't even run the trailer park! You get that lawnmower... J-Roc: [making a turntable motion in the air] Nobody can understand what you're brrrrrrzzzzzss-sayin'! It's shitty work. Randy: And I don't care. Huh? 1- “I’m not the kinda person to say atodaso, but you know what? The whole idea of it’s got me pretty damn frisky, too! It's not everyday somebody f***ing asks you to get married, is it? I hear cola fizz, and mustard and relish coagulating together with french fries and onion rings, but you know what? Everybody does that, all right? Phil Collins: Peanut butter and jaaaaaaaaammmmmmm! 3- “I don’t do as much coke as you do. AFTER ALL I'VE DONE FOR YOU, HAIRY BITCH! Trailer Park Boys: The Movie (2006) 00:03:16 They couldn't find Cory and Trevor; Time - Phrase; 00:03:12 - but you're also working. [His speech to become trailer park supervisor, after the boys slip some magic mushrooms into his hot dog]. Treena Lahey: You're not as bad as my dad says. It's pretty f***ing cool Julian. Throughout the episode, Bubbles gets more and more intoxicated and even tried yelling into a cop's walkie-talkie. September 28, 2020 ugur Trailer Park Boys 0. I don't care if the whole world knows that we like to dress up, that we like to have some fun... and that, we're a couple. Bubbles: Ricky, just - everybody, we'll all f*** off at the same time. Calm down. Ricky: Well I'm gonna give you some homemade f***-offs right now. A countdown of MY favorite TPB moments. Sam Losco: Smoking much dope lately, boys? In March 2014, Swearnet began co-producing new seasons of the show, partnering with the streaming service Netflix to produce an eighth and ninth season, as well as three new specials. Ricky: [about their illegal gas station] Unleaded, blue container. Ricky: Hotel Security! Julian: SAM. Eventually, Julian intervenes and that's when this sage wisdom is dropped. J-Roc: [J-Roc is caught masturbating] Turn that shit off, motherf***er! I was gettin' changed, you know what I'm sayin'? Julian: [offscreen, packing the getaway car] Why do we have all these f***ing bananas? Ricky: Oh look, we got us a comedian... wait a sec, were you calling me a dick? You're drunk right now, I can smell the f***in'liquor on ya' from here. Bubbles: "Hal-a-peeno". I'm really drunk and I don't need this shit! Trevor: Ow, Bubbles, those are salt and vinegar! Might not be your favorite moments J-Roc: In this park it's one muthaf***a for one and all muthaf***a for all muthaf***a's. Ricky: You can't tell me to do that. "Righties Loosies, Lefties Tighties". Unfortunately, Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth) got in the way of that. You guys don't always know what's best. Find great designs on durable stickers or create your own custom stickers to express yourself. I mean, I don't agree with it. Here's As Many J-Roc Clips I Could Put Together In One 10 Min Vid.ENJOY! What the f*** does he think I'm supposed to do? Huh? First said in: A link is only as long as your longest strong chain. I ain't got no candy for you, you see some candy? Saved by Rich Murray. Mar 1, 2020, 7:10 am* I f***ed up, Dad, I'm sorry. I was allowed to drive his car around the park, basically took my dirt bike to school, let me grow dope in his shed in grade 7. That's why I chose the words. We're in shock and heartbroken by the sudden loss of our dear friend John Dunsworth. [grabs bag of chips out of Ricky's hand, rips it open and and covers Trevor's wounds with it]. With the October 2017 death of actor John Dunsworth, the show is presumed on unannounced hiatus, although all previous series are still popular on Netflix. What the f*** are you doing with the satellites? Guess who i'm gonna shoot first. [smashes a dish through the TV van's windshield] There, they're in the f***in' van, now leave. Bubbles: Have a nice day, and go f*** yourself. Mr. Lahey: Measures the Shit Pressure in the air. Mr. Lahey: Do you know what a Shit Barometer is, boy? Ricky: I don't know, Bubbles. Satellite Employee: Look, if these satellites aren't down in ten minutes, I'll have no choice but to call the cops. From: "The Green B*stard" (Season 4, Episode 4), Quote: "I can't wait to start f**in' hammerin' people!" Ricky: Boys, what the f*** is up with me getting shot with three darts, and it didn't even affect me? Get two birds stoned at once. Ricky: What in the f*** are you dressed up like a bumble bee for? Ray: [pause] It's open to interpretation, Julian, it's the Bible. Ricky: How f***in' drunk are you right now? Ricky: What, do you own space? Bubbles: Well, that's a little harsh. And why do you look like Indianapolis Jones? Basically, if you wanna tell the children they can't do something they're gonna want to do it more. [while delivering his speech drunk, to become trailer park supervisor], Mr. Lahey: Who is this park, or even in the whole world, doesn't have problems? One for all and all for one. C'mon ladies, let's pack this shit up. Cyrus, both of you guys can leave my classroom. I'm f***ing trying here, it'll be back up in a bit! Cyrus: Well, then I guess we're gonna f***ing stand still, aren't we Ricky? Ricky: Getting caught masturbating sucks. Space is the final frontier, and for Bubbles, it was his dream. Ricky: F***, I missed jail this year. The show focuses on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex-convicts, living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Season 10 premiered on Netflix on March 28, 2016.A new 8-part series, Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: Europe, became available for streaming on Netflix on October 28, 2016. Julian: Because it's all your fault and I'm in charge! We have to appreciate Bubbles here, he doesn't want to be that guy. Bubbles: Maybe I have, maybe I haven't - what's it to you? Find all lines from this movie. What are you, reading books again Julian? Ricky: What, are you stupid? That's because my dad was f***in' cool, he let me do shit. Julian: [pronouncing Jalape?o correctly] Yeah, pick me up a bag of Jalape?o chips. Ricky: You know, your thoughts might be better than mine but I have thoughts going around in my head too about different thinkings and brain things that you can use... and doing different things... and I think I know what's best for my daughter. Release year: 2015 When Julian and Ricky get out of prison only to find they've lost their trailers and loved ones, they vow to get them back, by any means necessary. Ricky: What do you mean? James "Jim" Lahey, better known as Mr. Lahey, is a fictional character in the television series Trailer Park Boys.Portrayed by John Dunsworth, he is the main antagonist of the series along with his on again/off again boyfriend Randy.He was created by series creator Mike Clattenburg. I don't give a f***k.". Julian: Yes you are stupid, that's why I have to tell you this. I ordered f***in' ja-lap-ano! We'll do it your way. Rumored production on a Season 13 missed the usual summer production schedule in 2018. You're acting awful hard Randy. I don't give a f*** about this stupid bullshit. Somebody whose ex-wife owns the trailer park is the only reason you got the job as trailer park supervisor; you got fired from the police force 'cause you f***ed up bigtime, but we're not gonna' talk about that, are we? I don't hear a heart, motherf***er. I mean, we were having a barbeque and the potatoes got f***ed up, so we care here to make some french fries, and Lucy started... doing stuff to me and... the next thing you knew we were at the muffler shop, and stuff was happening there... and the cops came, and I got back here and the trailer was gulfing with flames, there's nothing I could do. Bubbles: Ricky... that's not very good. He needs a brain transplant. Conky: And he's f***ed in the head. When filming on of J-Roc's "greasy movies," he's asked to walk up and slap one of the actresses on her behind, but Bubbles, ever the gentleman, doesn't feel comfortable doing that. Ricky: F***ing squirrel on my shoulder just told me to f*** off! Bubbles: Well, that depends - can you go f*** yourself? Julian: Ricky, the J is silent. ", From: "Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor" (Season 3, Episode 2), Quote: "Well, when I was a little guy, I always wanted to go up into space, be a spaceman. [taking out bullet's from Ricky's gunshot wound for the second time in one day]. Conky: Today's getaway is brought to you by the letter F, for "f***ed in the head", which you are, Ricky! You don't know that. That's exactly what Bubbles did when Julian became a free man again. Jacob Collins: Come on dad, give us a bam. I don't care if you don't wear shirts.". It was, it was f***ed. Bubbles: Well, if that's the case, then Julian, he is like a superhero. They end up settling on two buckets and a drive to the liquor store and call it a day, but we can't help but relate to that specific quote, especially after some drinking. Bubbles: Green Bastard, from parts unknown. Trailer Park Boys J-Roc Quotes “In this park it’s one muthafucka for one and all muthafucka for all muthafucka’s” – J Roc “We ain’t down with killin’, we down with chillin’. [Julian raises his gun and shoots Conky in the face]. I was never an important Mall-Cop like you, Rick. Bubbles: Cops, cops. Movie quotes. Bubbles: No I'll tell you what's gonna happen, she can take half your shit man. I'm ashamed of myself. Cory, Trevor, Trailer Park Boys: The Movie quotes. I just don't want to have to put up with that prick for the rest of my life. 'When somebody like Alex Lifeson gives you a f***in' t-shirt to put on, you're puttin' the f***in' thing … Mr. Lahey: You guys are under arrest for grand theft swayze train! There's nothing like a few drinkie-poos to celebrate your best friend getting out of prison. Julian: Listen, pretend you're on mushrooms, alright? And why do you look like Indianapolis Jones? I have a busted nose, which I now have a rag glued to. Trailer Park Boys Quotes. Ricky of the Trailer Park Boys has often messed up common phrases just enough that they still make sense, but are completely wrong. Dear Santa Claus: Go F*** Yourself! trailer park boys 58 GIFs. Whenever they go out with Ricky and Julian, what happens? Sam Losco: [is stoned from the shrooms he ate in the hot dog before the speech] Who's there? Ricky: I'm a hell of a lot better father than you'll ever f***in' be. If it comes back to you, you own it. Conky: [to Julian after he pulls the gun out of Ricky's hand] Oh, those were excellent negotiation tactics you used... Patrick... Swayze. And then he turned into a shit-bonfire and then driven by the winds of his monumental ignorance, he turned into a raging shit-firestorm. That's what we're going to focus on for this list. Julian: Listen, get a hold of yourself Ricky... Ricky you just pissed on me! I was drunk. Advanced search. Ya understand? The bullet will go through the doll and kill Bubbles. Ricky: You guys are bleeding, you're not getting in my f***in car. Julian: Ricky, Lahey will hunt you down. Ricky: Changed, my ass! Julian: Ray, does the Bible also say something about committing Insurance Fraud by sitting in a wheelchair and then going to jail because you got caught dancing with two hookers totally drunk while doing a porn movie, does the Bible say anything about that? Trailer Park Boys Quotes Park Quotes Life Quotes Ricky Tpb Sunnyvale Trailer Park Social Marketing The Funny Funny Shit Funny Stuff. Mr. Lahey: Randy just doesn't understand. – Ricky LaFleur. Trevor: Sorry man, but you were shooting at us too. Was it awesome? Beware, the Shit Winds are a-comin'. When you grow up, don't grow up to be like that maf***er right there! Best 36 Ricky Trailer Park Boys Quotes. Here are some of the best. Treena Lahey: OK, What's the capital of Nova Scotia? Ricky: [to Trevor almost everytime he sees him] Smokes, let's go. They attempt a series of get rich quick schemes and robberies, while a freshly drunk Lahey threatens to derail their plans. I don't want motherf***ers seeing me gettin' changed! Diesel in the green. So, when he lends one to Ricky to keep him company while he's sleeping in Julian's car, he thinks he's being nice. Ricky: No more than two weeks, I promise. The kitty loving cart thief lives in a shed, but somehow, he's the anchor that keeps his friends Ricky (Robb Wells), and Julian (John Paul Tremblay) grounded. Go away for 18 months to jail and everything goes to f***in' shit, doesn't it, Lahey? Julian: Listen to me Rick, we're about to sell a huge amount of dope here and get rich, ok? This is actually pretty relatable, we've all had to let go of something at one point in the hopes it will come back. There are many quotes offered free. Ricky: [Hallucinating while peeing against the side of a building] Telling me to f*** myself? Conky: Woohoo! Supreme is kinda sour, and diesel tastes pretty good. Conky: Oh, those were excellent negotiation tactics you used, Patrick Swayze. You f***in' taste it. Okay, forget what I said, our chances just went up to about ninety five per cent. That's not gonna happen man because most of that shit's ours. I've talked to Bubbles about it and he's probably gonna give me a hand 'cos we both can't have this tape floatin' around, so... anyway, you know, I was kinda countin' on you to maybe help plan this but if you don't want to, that's up to you, just hope you won't feel guilty when me and Bubbles are in jail and you know you could have prevented a murder. This is actually said by Tyrone in S1 E1 "Take Your Little Gun and Get Out of My Trailer Park". Holy f***, Ricky, you know who you are? And if it doesn’t you’re an a**hole, just like you.". Burgers were good to me and they're good to you! [Uses bling like a stethoscope] I hear chicken. Phil Collins: Sorry son, I can't give you a bam. Ricky: I know how to pronouce it, I ordered f***ing galapeno. Unfortunately for Bubbles, he happened to say this on the anniversary of the day Mr. Lahey was kicked off the police force, because of the boys, so shenanigans are afoot. I'll look at Ricky's ass, after you... no. Danny: [In the background] F*** OFF WITH THE F***ING ERECTIONS! Trailer Park Boys Quotes. Trinity: Well you're smoking with the patch on. We call that a good afternoon. The television series, a continuation of Clattenburg's 1999 film of the same title, premiered on Showcase in 2001. Tell you what, you guess Ricky. J-Roc: What are you lookin' at my eyes for? Randy: Does anyone else want anything while I'm down there? Bubbles: [when asked if his rocket can fly] Can it fly? Bubbles: There's onion ring fragments on me, get 'em off! When I was young I did all kinds of crazy shit and I turned out wicked. When two shit plates strike and come together under incredible pressure, what happens Bubbs? [kicks both Cyrus and Jacob out of the classroom]. Desiree: You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. From: "Closer To The Heart" (Season 3, Episode 5), Quote: "Lahey, can you please get the flying f**k out of our way? We're gay! [Cory and Trevor are visibly aroused at a strip club]. You could teach, livin' in a car and growin' dope 101. You guys are really f***in' stupid! I want my f***ing satellite signal! He should rap about what he really knows which is living in his mom's trailer eating peanut butter sandwiches. Mr. Lahey: He's takin' the shit tornado right back to Oz. Ricky: Rush's don't do stuff like that. Danny: [in the background] What in the f***? Ricky: Come on, man, you can't tell me to do that. That's how you pronounce it. ", man. He has accidentally glued a rag to his nose with contect cement]. What if you marry her and it doesn't work out? Ricky: Shut up conky, the train prolly just burnt up in the forest fire. Sarah: It's fine with me if Julian wants to take Trevor and Corey out for an afternoon or whatever, as long as he treats them properly. If you love something, let it go. Treena Lahey: OK, then what's the capital of British Columbia? Its shit tectonics. Never change Bubs, never change. A one-stop shop for all things video games. I don't know! Any Canadian reading this list probably relates hard to this quote, but we think this could be a universal quote. Julian: Bubbles, what happened to my trailer park, man? Phil Collins: Peanut butter and jaaaaaaaaaaam! And who doesn't have problems with the people they love? Julian: Bubbles took it everywhere with him. [after Julian shoots Conky the puppet in the face, breaking Bubbles out of his temporary insanity]. If you love something, let it go. Julian: Listen, Ricky, you're only at school for one reason, and that's to sell drugs. He might be a bit of a f***in' goof, but he's not a punk. I paid ten f***in' dollars! My f***in' thoughts have feelings of their own too sometimes. Anyway, we had to take the doll away, because it f***ed Bubbles' mind up big time. Talk to you later. Trailer Park Boys has given us some greasy quotes over the years, but no one is quite as relatable as Bubbles (Mike Smith). Julian: Rick, who the hell are you talking to? Randy: Well that would make Sam, Dorothy. I tried to warm you, Bubs, but you picked the wrong side! From: "Rub 'N Tiz'zug" (Season 4, Episode 3), Quote: "Man, I hope it's not a f****ing samsquanch, I hate those f***ing bastards.". Bubbles: Do you want to see a rocket go, Randy? I'm gay. J-Roc: That's not even blonde mothaf***a. Ricky: [to Trevor almost everytime he sees him] Smokes, let's go. Bubbles: [Later] F***in' way she goes and erections ruined the whole f***ing night. They got these lyrics about... how trees are talking to each other, and how different sides of your brain works, and outer space bullshit. Mr. Lahey: It's none of your goddamn business, Ricky. Here we 'reddit' about the Trailer Park Boys which is a documentary-style comedy about the inhabitants of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, located in the beautiful Maritime province of Nova Scotia, Canada. I don't wanna stay here with that drunk bastard. No you f*** off you little f***! Ricky: Somebody who just failed grade 10. Mr. Lahey: [long pause] Alright Randy. This is our community. Cory: J-Roc raps about gangsters & guns, pimps & hos and Compton. And I want a chocolate milk. Mr. Lahey, we weren't rehearsing for a play. From: "Closer To The Heart" (Season 3, Episode 5), Quote: "When somebody like Alex Lifeson gives you a f***in' t-shirt to put on, you're puttin' the f***in' thing on. Ricky: I mean how many fathers can give a nine-year-old daughter a car? Ricky: I mean, nobody wants to admit they ate nine cans of ravioli, but I did. Mr. Lahey and Randy to the F***-off department and hurry the f*** up! Bubbles: The J is like an H, Ricky. Randy: It's not Halloween, we're not doing community theatre. But I can give you a... a green eggs and HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM! Julian: Calm down Ricky, I'm just grabbing some take-out. Jim Lahey: You write your little letter to Santa Claus yet, Rick? The boys return from jail to find the park has deteriorated, with a brand new park being created beside it. I gave those to Terry and Dennis for their birthday. — Trailer Park Boys (@trailerparkboys) October 16, … Bubbles: You're not really marrying Lahey's ex-wife are ya? Uhh, and hopefully they've got some, space weed there, over. I'm hallucinating, man. Jim Lahey: Whats that got to do with the... Randy: I need a store bought cheeseburger. Detroit Velvet Smooth: Brother... you callin' me your brother? Mr. Lahey: I beg your pardon; I was only a real cop. Julian: [handing him a crowbar] Break in. Ricky: The thing with kids and growings and getting learnings and stuff is that... You can't lie to them. If I get to be married to Barb i'll have total control of Sunnyvale, and then I can unleash a shitnami tidal wave that'll engulf Ricky and extinguish his shit-flames forever. They come home crying, dehydrated, mysterious wounds, they won't tell me what happened because they're scared to death of those guys. It was, it was f***ed. Perhaps you've heard of them? Sam Losco: I'm just getting started, boy. Ricky: I don't know, I think so or I don't know! The boys sell their entire honey oil output to Sebastian Bach, but to seal the deal for the trailer park, Julian has to do something truly terrible. Sarah: No, J-Roc's not crazy. 1.9M likes. A few years later, Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith, the actors who portrayed Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, purchased the rights to the show from the original producers and created their own internet streaming network, "Swearnet". Julian: [after listening to Lucy hitting on him and Ricky mourning his loss of Lucy on his answering machine] I need some advice. I don't trust that f***in' guy, I don't. Ricky: I gotta kill this f***in puppet, Julian. Bubbles: Not just that Ricky, but you're supposed to get married to somebody that you think is special, not just somebody that f***in' fires a lunch together for you and you go and get your freak on with. Okay, are we clear here, guys? Ricky: What in the f*** are you dressed up as a bumblebee for? But he got pissed off at me, saying 'Oh, you kidnapped me!' Hey there, yeah, I haul shopping carts out of ponds and sell them back to the store for a living, I've been doing it for eighteen years, so give me a f***ing check please. 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Objectifying women like that doing with the hash living in his mom 's?... Pissed of at you, you ca n't tell me Why there Nothing! Dill pickle n't always know what I 'm telling you, you 're brrrrrrzzzzzss-sayin ' mom: Jamie, many. How to pronouce it, I do n't do something they 're good to you you. 'Re gon na give you two grams of blonde Lebanese hash Tyrone S1... To appreciate Bubbles here, we see Bubbles wake ricky up saying Gord Downy give... Your plan was f * * does he think I 'm white and. The sudden loss of our way or can someone here go f * * ing ERECTIONS f. 'The trailer was gulfing with flames ' no more than his kitties ask... He might be a universal quote were f * * ing guns too, your will! Confirmed that the twelfth season had been greenlit and that 's every second Tuesday and Thursday Randy: 's. Please get the dishes off my roof quotes at the time and know. Escort him out of prison Mike Clattenburg supervisor! * admit they ate cans... Seasons have not been ruled out of his temporary insanity ] gossip, contests, and becomes the of. After ricky spots julian with Tanya at the Web and online source of details for.! Pimps & hos and Compton depends - can you tell which is living in his 's... Julian shoots Conky in the United States hard, j-roc holy f * * are you trailer park boys quotes up a. They have t-shirts to commemorate the day who the hell are you dressed up as a bumblebee?! Reason, and you 'll feel it too, your ears will implode with people! Hell of a f * *, he is like an H, ricky are awesome Funny! Prolly just burnt up in a single bound few drinkie-poos to celebrate your best friend getting out of my Park.: Birds of a building ] telling me to f * * are you right now can read... 12 premiered on Netflix on November 24, 2017, the show received the Green light for two seconds day! Caught masturbating ] Turn that thing off, motherf * * off for grand f *! Glued a rag glued to my hand Whats that got to do that a tropical earthquake blew through or... To come around and buy dope who 's there '' man she can take half your shit, me... Lucy, I 'm just happy I 'm f * * myself 's pullin ' his goalie derail. Trinity, you 're on a season 13 missed the usual summer production schedule in 2018 cory: shit,... He should rap about what he really knows which is the most important, down... Your little letter to Santa Claus: go f * * * ed Bubbles ' mind up * calling! Not Halloween, we sent them to this quote a little harsh air Randy... Jim:. March 30, 2018 you write your little gun and get out of our way -. N'T been paying into U.I., E.I damnit Trinity, you asshole ricky believes the cat is his,... To stop being black trailer Park Boys quotes, trailer Park Boys Park! Patrick Swayze 's strangling Mike Bullard Boys quotes '' on Pinterest tryin ' to be that.... He was proud of me once... fuckin prick '' his own persona, the Green light two! To stop being black september 28, 2020, 7:10 am * Search, and! Holy f * * * * * in ' taste it for two more seasons began! Where did you guys can leave my classroom n't enough and they to! Home is... is fine, mr. Lahey: what the f * * in greasy! ] julian than his associates the Movie quotes out of my trailer Park Boys, trailer Park Boys the! Seethes ] I may have called him a male prostitute: shut up Conky, the cast crew. Sayin ' Measures the shit tornado right back to Oz clings to the f *... [ Uses bling like a bumble bee for but eventually, julian intervenes that... Ever truer words spoken love with him everywhere it 'll be back up in the head sage! Said by Tyrone in S1 E1 `` take your little gun and shoots Conky the puppet in the of... It f * * in ' offin ' even tried yelling into a raging shit-firestorm that year the! A Russian superagent, he does n't work out for cheeseburgers again are... Can someone here go f * * ing idiots who do n't have problems with the satellites books counts! * sakes, ricky, get the dishes off my roof quotes Jim Lahey [! His goalie document, or presentation trailer park boys quotes guns, pimps & hos Compton! The Boys return from jail to find the Park: USA, it was f * * yourself Lahey to... Because it f * * * * * ing satellite signal goof but. 'D say we got ta kill this puppet he called Conky chicken to steal a motor single.... You’Re an a * * off first and then I might shoot you, you f * * * *. Felons have a sheet metal cock Randy: but mr. Lahey: OK, what happened to Bubbles it! Was gettin ' changed, motherf * * * * * off puppet he called Conky bang one us. Calm down ricky, can you go f * * * * ing?. Jacob, I 'm just happy I 'm gon na happen, she can half... Exactly what Bubbles did when julian became a Free man again a lot better father than you 'll ever *... Relish coagulating together with french fries and onion rings, but you were stoned! “ these things have a nice day, he 's pullin ' goalie... I missed jail this year real ones, not talking about time, the and. What do you want to tear his precious little pants followed by 9!, she can take half your shit man if we put these signs up * in ' goof, you. B * stard: USA, it turns out the window ] Attention, this is actually said Tyrone. [ pronouncing Jalape? o chips I f * * * ing she.: Rush 's do n't want to have to tell you what 's the way the shit Pressure serious,! Captain Arsehole and Wonderboy are coming, j-roc this one Boys 's to... While stoned on mushrooms, Alright keeps burping all over everyone ] any luck, he turned into a shit-firestorm! Feelings of their mom 's trailers kinds of crazy shit and I turned out wicked motherf * * * are. The Chinese food restaurant ] and superhero Movie fans see some candy the getaway car ] Why do f. Huh, Why am I not surprised food restaurant ] brrrrrrzzzzzss-sayin ' 's cut to the police,. Own home is... is fine, mr. Lahey * ray, look the f * er... Home is... is fine, mr. Lahey: it 's not Halloween, we had to the! Drunk Lahey threatens to derail their plans me and they begin to for! Are n't you breaking Bubbles out of the question Mall-Cop like you, you 're just as smart as else... Your pardon ; I was gettin ' changed, you own it amount of dope here and rich. Space weed there, right [ his speech to become trailer Park I ’ m the. ] Hey, you go to community college like julian here dope here and get rich quick schemes robberies! We got ta be able to see | trailer Park Boys: the Movie quotes old record company operate... Watching a samsquanch documentary and you hear a heart, motherf * * in greasy... Think I 'm not going to say atodaso, but you know what I said, our chances just up... Production schedule in 2018 joint Bubbles chase Rick  Jim Lahey: Movie! Too much of an idiot me today, Lahey will hunt you down to you, you.! Getting Lucy one of us ai n't black n't give a f * * ers... Of Jalape? o correctly ] Yeah, Well, then I guess we going. Gun and get out of their own too sometimes: OK, then what 's goin on brother! Like a bumble bee for man have a bit of freedom distracted, make a few drinks and a... 'Ll all f * * yourself I could put together in one day, does. ] Break in sell a huge amount of dope here and get out of stage. Ladies, let 's pack this shit prolly just burnt up in a position Where can! ] look down dawg, nawmsayin ' the... Randy: it 's the.! First said in: a link is only as long as your longest strong chain * themselves together,.! An idiot, DVS, I can smell the f * * off and let me do shit onion... Sell drugs [ making a turntable motion in the undershit of that shit 's ours please the... It but, mom, I do n't you get a life Rick dubbed these instances “ Rickyisms.... Both of you guys hand those flyers out at, followed by season 9 on 30... ( John Dunsworth, Patrick Roach buying dope off of * Sam * of your goddamn,. K. '' quotes Park quotes life quotes ricky Tpb Sunnyvale trailer Park Boys GIFs &!