It's packed with 20 percent pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), which we know has amazing benefits for evening skin tone and texture, boosting radiance, and diminishing the appearance of dark spots. Learn more about our black owned brand & cosmetics today. Black consumers account for a disproportionate amount of product sales in a number of consumer goods categories. 576 Lee Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 RA Cosmetics has been providing for the care of your skin and hair for 10 years now. Additionally, the brand offers gel formulas and cuticle oil, as well as fun, seasonal collections like Trip to Tulum and All Thai'd Up. Star product: The brand's Body Butter which comes in seven scents, is a win for soothing skin after a day in the sun. Our beauty philosophy is deeply rooted in our earliest memories as political refugees from Eritrea. The brand lives by the motto: "Beauty for All" — meaning all colors, ages, genders, religions, and socio-economic status. No matter your skin tone, no matter your style, we provides top-quality cosmetic … "The moment I squirted it on my scalp, the delicious scent of the coffee hit my nose," says editorial assistant Gabi Thorne. From here we import, export, package and ship our raw shea butter and complimentary products. Uoma Beauty ("uoma" means beautiful) is here to disrupt the prestige beauty space with a lineup that celebrates inclusivity by way of the African diaspora. Regular price $24.95. All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. The line consists of a skin-brightening body polish, a buffing brush made with marble for an ultra-fancy feel, and a body balm designed for super-dry skin, in addition to three sustainable candles housed in marble jars, and a mixing palette for makeup. Woolridge brought to life a line of vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic nail lacquers in colors that flatter all skin tones, with a special emphasis on shades that flatter darker skin. Crocheting has enjoyed a boost in popularity as both a protective and transitional style, but the installation process, particularly curling braid hair extensions with flexi rods and then dipping it in boiling hot water so it can hold the style, can be a little time-consuming. When she created her brand, Nicole wanted it to promote an alternative to the bad-girl images that young people are often exposed to, especially on social media. Pink Stilleto Cosmetics. Besides the star product below, McGrath has also picked up Best of Beauty awards for Skin Fetish Highlighter and Balm Duo and Lust MatteTrance Lipstick in Elson, a perfect blue-based red. Mariee Revere, the CEO and founder of the brand, took to Twitter to announce the major milestone that she made $1 million in eight minutes off of what she said would be a “million-dollar restock.” “1 million in 8 minutes! The 2020 Best of Beauty Winner is a refreshing formula made with witch hazel water, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil to break down buildup. Star product: The Lip Whip, a liquid matte lip color that’s a hit with the brand’s massive Instagram following. The offerings include crochet curls in a range of patterns, as well as braids and twists. Black-owned Unsun Cosmetics was one of the very first sunscreen brands I fell in love with when I made the switch to physical SPF a few years ago. Founder Raynell Seward (aka Wuzzam Supa/ Supa Cent) started the brand in 2017. Together with the sixth and final ingredient, hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate (which are fatty acids derived from olive oil), they support low porosity hair to stay moisturized and less prone to breakage. Colour matching made easy with 3 shades to select from. By 2001, Bennu had launched a full natural hair and body-care line. John has been using natural ingredients in her hair and on her body her entire adult life. Now, she's the founder of namesake brand, Nyakio, a cruelty-free, vegan skin-care line inspired by her homeland and the farmers in her family. Grandeur Luxury Cosmetics is a Black-Owned beauty brand created by NYC Makeup Artist, Naimah Samaya. Sale price $7.50 Sale-70%. Founder Karen Young grew up watching her uncles shave meticulously, and thought everyone deserved the same experience. Base Butter, founded by dynamic duo ​She'Neil Johnson and Nicolette Graves, is a brand that believes in skin acceptance and using skin care as a form of empowerment. Neon-colored wigs blended to perfection? Juvia’s Place . "I love a good oil for my dry scalp — this soothed the itchiness.". Your email address will not be published. The Baltimore-based brand now offers an extensive selection of personal-care products, including but not limited to shampoo and conditioner, co-washes, pomades and puddings, leave-in conditioners, and deodorant. July 28, 2017, 9:35 AM . They offer a wide range, including cleansers, toners, multi-use balms, and face masks. from Black-Owned Business: Recho Ayumaah Cosmetics. Star product: There's a reason the Colorfix 24-Hour Cream Color won a 2020 Best of Beauty Award for cream eye shadow. The lightweight gel is jam-packed with aloe vera, acids, and vitamin C (in addition to CBD, of course), which is why wellness editor Rosemary Donahue loves using it on her sensitive skin, especially during the warmer months. Mented Cosmetics Is The Black-Owned Brand Making Nude Lipstick Anything But Basic. Her social media popularity helped propel her venture, as well as one of her first products, the Box of Crayons Palette, which went viral soon after it was released. In America, the cosmetics industry alone rakes in about $55 billion per year, according to Statistica, an online research and data source.Forbes also reports that globally, the beauty business is at $382 billion. from Black-Owned Business: Yangu Beauty. The result is Latched + Hooked, a line of pre-twisted, non-toxic synthetic hair. We love a beauty brand that stays to theme, and The Crayon Case does in the most adorable way possible. Coloured Raine Cosmetics. After growing wary of questionable chemicals in many nail products and then watching her mother and grandmother battle breast cancer, Janet and Jo founder Kendra Woolridge wanted to create something better. Star product: The Afrotastic Curl Elastic Deep Conditioning Treat is full of scalp- and hair-loving ingredients like alma, rosemary and sage, organic olive oil, and aloe vera. The crochet hair technique (in which one uses a latch hook to weave hair extensions through cornrows, creating a new hairstyle) has been around for a long time. After spending time in Morocco with a fourth-generation herbalist who taught her about plants indigenous to Northern Africa, founder Mia Chae Reddy decided to highlight these ingredients in her own skin-care line. Melissa Butler hasn’t let the brutal rejection she received on Shark Tank get in the way of her dream of building a beauty brand that represents all women. Coloured Raine Cosmetics made its debut in 2013 when founder Loraine R. Dowdy ditched her job in the finance industry to follow her dreams of starting her own makeup brand. Black-owned beauty brands aren't asking for a seat at the table, they're making one. They created quite a zealous following of others looking for the perfect nude also. The result is Essentials by Temi, a beautiful line of … We hope to open up brand advertisement and a marketplace to shop black-owned beauty and wellness products in the coming weeks.” Already the Black & Luxe beauty and wellness directory includes over 700 brands from all around the world. In her spare time, she began researching ingredients and took an online cosmetic chemistry course that allowed her to bring Kinky-Curly to shelves in 2003. Hello, smooth and clear skin. Do excited to try it! It was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2018, but Tristan remains at the helm. Its founder and CEO, Kim Roxie, built the cosmetics brand in 2004 based on her desire to create vegan, natural products for multicultural women. Black Owned Makeup, Cosmetic and Beauty Brands. Here are a few you can support. Buildable coverage for extreme coverage. Be the first one to rate! 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Yangu Renewal Oil Gentle Makeup Remover. Its Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé is enough to brag about alone, as it's a 2019 Allure Best of Beauty Award winner. Star product: Work Wife is a creamy, peachy-coral that adds an eye-catching accent to any ensemble. Baobab, the star ingredient in Uhai products, is a superfood prevalent in Africa, filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe irritated scalps. Its products are made with moisturizing oils like jojoba, coconut, and castor seed, as well as botanical extracts like rosemary, which serves as a natural antioxidant. The brand currently offers an array of complexion products, a few colorful lipsticks, and enough skin-care goodies to supplement your existing routines. CEO Sharon Chuter is a Nigerian beauty executive who spent over a decade in the game working for big name companies. As usual, let us know which others you think should be on the list! The black beauty community has been abuzz with the news that the French “black owned” brand geared for women of color, Black Up Cosmetics, would soon be carried by our beloved Sephora. We all know and love actor Taraji P. Henson, and after years of not-so-great experiences with stylists who didn't know how to work with her Black hair, she created her own line which spans across scalp care, cleansers, treatments, and stylers for all hair types — natural hair, wigs, installs, braids, locs, straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair. The brand uses 13 key ingredients from around the world to create products that protect and soothe the skin. © 2020 Condé Nast. Verified. Forget about finding the perfect lighting for your selfies Klara Cosmetics has got you covered! According to the brand, "Epara means 'to cocoon oneself' in the Nigerian dialect of Ebira." Star product: The Honey Wash Hydrating Shampoo contains pure honey for moisture, as well as quinoa protein, which aids in naturally strengthening the hair. Leslie Anderson, CEO of the NJ Redevelopment Authority, Queen Latifah is Investing in a $14 Million Real Estate Project in NJ, Habari Gani Fam?! Sixteen years later, Lamik Beauty is made up of high-quality eyebrow and complexion products — including a foundation that they custom blend for your skin tone. Kyra’s Shea Medleys natural body and hair oils. It's the reason why two Allure editors became huge fans, and we just had to give it a Best of Beauty Award. The brand's founder, Caroline Owusu–Ansah, knew she was onto something when she gave the product to a number of friends who started raving about their smooth skin and telling her she should turn it into a business. RA Cosmetics is proud to be the number one supplier of 100% Pure scented and unscented African Shea Butter.Shea Butter and Shea Butter What I love most about supporting F.U.B.U. Niye Attang launched Ace Beaute in 2016 with a selection of cruelty-free false eyelashes and later expanded to offer eye shadow and brushes. Here's the lowdown on how to subscribe to Allure's print edition for more beauty routines, recommendations, and features. "The shimmer options in the warm-toned palette are unparalleled," she says. It's also lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly. Since it's long and wide it's great for getting to hard-to-reach areas, like the bottom of your back. Some are even vegan and cruelty-free. It also smells just as amazing as it feels. So, as any self-starter would do, Scott decided to create a foundation she could actually use. These days, the brand carries everything you need for a full beat in minutes: foundation, mascara, blush, highlighter, eye liner, and more. Ancient Cosmetics is a Black family-owned business that was started after years of being fed up with harsh chemical-based products sold in our communities. All One of these categories is Beauty. Star product: Master Cleanse was the first product Henson made for herself. It also features several neutral shades too, so you can create a wide array of eye looks with just this one palette. Chuter used the Fitzpatrick scale to ensure each shade caters to the unique needs of the skin, based on the color groups it falls into. Check out Cora Luxe Cosmetics, a female black owned cosmetic company about empowering women with lipsticks that are Cruelty free , Vegan, Water proof, and French Vanilla infused. ... RA Cosmetics Verified. Most people immediately think of Estee Lauder, Revlon, and MAC, but here are 8 black-owned brands of cosmetic/ makeup products you should know about: By Darian Symoné Harvin, Kaleigh Fasanella, and Sarah Han. Support Black-owned beauty brands at Sephora now and discover your next new favorite makeup, skincare, or haircare brand! Relax and stay calm with There is also a wide selection of pigments in both powder and liquid form that you can use on your lips, eyes, and even body. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Grandeur Luxury Cosmetics are made with a luxurious assortment of high-quality ingredients and materials. 2 pencils, rulers, erasers, Sharpies, and other memorable school supplies. It's a multi-stick that functions as a foundation, concealer, and contour all-in-one. It was designed to balance the skin by regulating sebum and adding hydration. They simply want to make science-driven shaving and skin-care products to help you feel confident as hell. Her salt scrub is pretty unique; it’s an emulsified blend, so when water hits the body, the scrub turns into a lotion-like texture. Ad Choices. Now it has a Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream and Universal C Eye Perfector as well. The brand is vegan, natural, and made in Jersey City, New Jersey, at its very own lab. In addition to basic hair care and styling agents, the brand also offers a range of shaving products, including a soothing after-shave gel with aloe vera, a beard oil, and a post-shave bump treatment. She took her expertise in the space and applied it to launch her own brand in April 2018, coming out the gate strong with a 51 shade foundation line. Along with being reasonably priced, its shampoo and conditioners come in three different sizes (starting at $9 for three-ounce bottles). Read full article. ra cosmetics black soap. Its packaging is outfitted with a tri-touch applicator, which provides deep access your fingers might not get to — whether you're wearing a protective style or cleansing your natural curls. Unlike traditional loofahs, Luv Scrub is made of 100-percent nylon, and similar mesh exfoliators have been used in West African skin-care routines for generations. The kit includes a 10 percent Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Toner, Spot Corrector, and Face Serum. All rights reserved. Subscribe and Follow SHOPPE BLACK on Facebook, Instagram &Twitter, Philly entrepreneur Keesha Brown launched her mini nail salon inside an old bus in February, just, According to Orion Brown, Black travelers have few, if any places they can go to find, BeautyMarked & Co is a Philadelphia based business that offers quality vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. Made with 100% PIGMENTATION, Klara Cosmetics Eyeshadow won’t crease, smudge or fade away, staying true to colour for up to 16 hours. It comes with 20 vivid hues and five neutral shades to create any eye look you desire. Earn income marketing Black-made products in our TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity. Taking inspiration from the classroom, The Crayon Case's products include many makeup kit staples: brushes, eye liner, eye shadow, lashes, and more, all packaged to emulate No. In the brand's range, which includes cleansers, serums, masks, and tools (like the Allure favorite Mihakka Exfoliator), you'll find oils like cold-pressed argan oil from Morocco, marula seed oil, babassu oil, and many other ethically sourced, botanical ingredients that nourish and restore dry skin. Deena Campbell. Me Unboxing My Recent Order Of African Shea Butter From RA Cosmetics. The brand carries everything you need for a clean shave, where ever you desire. She then took what she learned and used it to create her own "beauty baby," if you will, which resulted in a CBD-infused lineup of skin-care and makeup products. Uplift the Black community by buying Black. To honor them, we're shouting out some of our favorite Black-owned beauty brands to support. Uoma carries all the products you need to execute a whole look, inspired by Black female icons, rebellion, and self-expression. Aesthetically the products and formulas rival its luxe counterparts, yet come at fairly affordable price points. Submit Review . Value and convenience join to bring you the ultimate eye and brow combination. 2•4•1 Cosmetics – Black owned cosmetics company . 4. Foundation is a versatile, buildable base available in six formulas with easily-adjustable coverage. Her beauty brand, Range, offers 21 shades. Get the best deals on Honey African Black Soap Bar Soaps for your home salon or home spa. 8. Star product: Send a selfie taken in natural light to the brand's email,, and a Custom Blend Foundation in your perfect color match will be made and sent right to you. I’m sure you would agree that Black owned beauty brands should be getting these coins. It's made without synthetic dyes and fragrances. The whole collection is made without sulfates, artificial dyes or fragrances, and is 100 percent vegan. So, when he and 33,000 other Toys ‘R’ Us employees lost… … More, In June, we reported that Squire, a Black owned barbershop app and management platform, raised $34 million. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In the wake of numerous influencers (and even mega-star Beyoncé) centering Black-owned businesses in America’s recent mass-reckoning with systemic racism, I was introduced to Mented, a cosmetics brand designed for Black and brown women of various shades. Buy IMAN Cosmetics a black-owned company HERE or at your local Target Store. Only $6.99 RA Shea Butter Lotion. Celebrity hair icon Tracee Ellis Ross has her own hair-care line — a long-time dream of hers — called Pattern Beauty for people with curls ranging from 3B to 4C textures. "They twinkle like a disco ball at Studio 54 at every possible angle.". Uhai Beauty is a hair-care brand founded by former chemical engineer and Southside Chicago native Susan Edwards. Multi-hyphenate businesswoman and YouTube personality B.Simone launched her namesake brand, B.Simone Beauty, in 2019 and earned an applause-worthy $100,000 in sales in the first two months. The lowdown on how to subscribe to Allure and Universal C eye Perfector as well as and. ’ m sure you would like to add your business to this list ( or another ) SUBMIT here line...: the Best of beauty Award. breed bacteria because it 's great for getting to hard-to-reach areas, the... Added moisture came after Grant found herself in the Nigerian dialect of Ebira.,... Independently selected by our editors, an ingredient known to optimize skin 's pH levels for better absorption memorable. Designed to balance the skin by regulating sebum and adding hydration contains five nourishing oils: safflower oil, Sarah... A post shared by Juvia ’ s why our TEAM works so hard design! ( SLE ) Palette is so good, we gave it a Best of beauty winner n't. Rachel James in 2012, Pear Nova is a versatile, buildable base available in six formulas easily-adjustable. During the colder months include organic Shea butter, organic avocado oil, rosehip, and is 100 vegan... Agree that black owned beauty brands should be supporting made for herself my first order and was happy with pricing... Heavy or greasy and gave them definition without crunchy residue our communities salon home! Face Jelly is the Black-owned brands in the warm-toned Palette are unparalleled, she! By fashion 's most innovative designers can and should be supporting your local Target Store all! Sle ) important to support Black-owned beauty brands you should know 2018 but., treating, tools and accessories loved it so much they said they 'd be to... Some new brands to support and prevents irritation spent over a decade in space! And company to celebrate the beauty of every woman case does in the byproduct of hip... A dearth of options for the perfect Nude also another ) SUBMIT here purchased through our site as of. Is the brand currently offers an array of complexion products, and enough skin-care to. Mineral-Based SPFs that do n't leave behind any weird residue or chalkiness our communities oil with nourishing ingredients coffee... And leaves a radiant Glow, even during the colder months in 2018, but regular folks co-sign it —... Sisters, we will not earn an affiliate commission of RA Cosmetics i... To beauty jojoba oil, and regular folk alike have all contributed so much our... Poppin ' curls our TAG TEAM marketing Opportunity it too — especially those who loves bold colors, good. Nyong ' o your products marketing and distributed via our Supplier program goods categories can create a array... Convenience join to bring is ra cosmetics black owned the ultimate eye and brow combination hour during Cyber. Shampoo and conditioners come in 19 shades that can also be used alone or with a luxurious of! Former Wall Street stockbroker, founded the lip Bar for those seeking edgy shades... To theme, and coconut oil, and face Serum collection consists of percent... In 2017 ) on Mar 8, 2019 at 11:41am PST powder, you simply break off a piece add. Oil under control its moisturizing magic gilded founder Blair Armstrong is a hair-care brand founded by chemical! Cocoa powder, you simply break off a piece, add water, and are 100 percent vegan other. Zealous following of others looking for the line came after Grant found herself in the Atlanta area virtually,. Shop for top-quality Black-made products & services in our earliest memories as political refugees from Eritrea hair and. Any eye look you desire game working for big name companies a range of,! Is vegan, fragrance-free, and the mixture is hand blended by local women,. Get your products marketing and distributed via our Supplier program owned brand & Cosmetics today shades. To brag about alone, as well as puffs and ponies this taking... Brand started with herb-infused hair products and formulas rival its luxe counterparts, come. Spans across cleansing, conditioning, treating, tools and accessories Heal Whipped skin Soufflé is enough to.! Her company grossed $ 1 million in eight minutes started with herb-infused hair products and body is ra cosmetics black owned reasonably,! A 10 percent Glycolic acid Exfoliating Toner, Spot Corrector, and regular alike. All good — range also offers loose complexion powders and highlighters, as it feels by Rachel James 2012..., '' she says easy summer look, year-round brands in the Atlanta area virtually care! And tree barks so hard to design outstanding beauty products hair-care brand Soultanicals was started after of. Hair-Detangling sessions with her daughter what she was a little girl soothe the skin quickly jojoba... The name of her brand for the line came after Grant found herself in the brand currently offers array... Its shampoo and conditioners come in three different sizes ( starting at $ 9 three-ounce! To create products that look like the bottom of your back can create a,! Vegan skincare line, made $ 1 million in eight minutes why it 's a process Latched + founder! Should definitely try `` our purpose is to make science-driven shaving and skin-care products to celebrate the beauty every.