The 2018 Accord LX CVT offers 192 horsepower with its 1.5-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine, while the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan LX 6-Speed Manual model has a starting horsepower of 185 with its standard 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. several people argued with me that many “sports cars” couldn’t do 16 second quarter miles, and that definition was too narrow. I get why people like them and why they are becoming so popular. What’s the difference between the 2017 and 2018 Accord? Earlier this month I decided to check out a new 2017 Accord EX coupe with a manual. 2018 Toyota Camry vs. 2017 Honda Accord: Head to Head The Toyota Camry and Honda Accord have been popular midsize cars for decades – and they’ve been competitors for just as long. October 17th, 2017 at 11:34 am @Todd – your sentiment is exactly the reason I pulled the trigger on a 2017 EX-L V6 earlier this year. 2018 Honda Accord vs 2019 Honda Accord Celebrating its 10th generation, the Honda Accord proves year after year why it’s one of the most popular vehicles in the entire Honda lineup of vehicles. Yeah, probably this has more to do with the fact that you went from a premium rear wheel drive limousine to an economy front-wheel-drive (platform) hatchback. I have no idea what I will replace it with when the time comes. Honda Accord vs Honda CR-V: compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs. I remember when I was a little younger, you’d literally think that because your car would struggle to get up a hill…. It was peppy enough, I suppose, but in no wise could it be considered a premium-car engine. Compare MSRP, invoice pricing, and other features on the 2017 Honda Accord and 2017 Subaru Legacy. The Charger RT and LS4 cars were doing that 11 years ago. Autobytel Car of the Year Awards. It seems like there is still a decent selection of all types of Accords on the lots, so for those lamenting the demise of the NA engines and/or coupe, it’s a great time to buy! I ruffled a lot of feathers when I called the ninth-generation Accord V6 the last real American muscle car. Look back at road tests, and you’ll see that the huge disparity between the manual and auto versions of the 2.0t in acceleration was NOT present in the V6 versions. Expect to see 325hp fairly easily out of the 2.0T with a tune, whereas the V6 is maxed at around 300hp with readily-available bolt-ons, maybe 310hp with a tune. (That generation was listed as the B&B’s favorite! Paint options include Lunar Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, White Orchid Pearl, San Marino Red, Obsidian Blue Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, and Basque Red Pearl II. I think just about nobody could give a crap about comparing acceleration of the new and old Accords. (I've become a huge fan of the Sport fabric - … In short, the 2018 Honda Accord vs 2017 Honda Accord comparison is a great example of just how much can change in the course of one production year. You don’t have to purchase the Honda…it is free will and be thankful you have a choice to complain or speak out…, "Volkswagen of America Product Plans for Jetta, Passat, SUVs Are Becoming Increasingly Transparent", "Polestar 1: It’s Here, It’s Real, and It’s Not a Volvo", Ford Mustang Mach-E: Right Car, Wrong Name. To me its a marvel of engineering. (Mind you, they’re the ones who slap on mud flaps, install trunk trays and all-weather mats, and overcharge for it all, while adding $50 for nitrogen in the tires, then likely run the customer through a four-square to boot!) 2018 Honda Accord vs 2017 Kia OptimaMusic provided by Frequency.Track: Aweeden - ConnectionsLink: Compare Honda Accord vs Volvo S60. Available in seven trim levels — LX, Sport, Sport Special Edition, EX, EX-L, EX-L V-6 and Touring — the 2017 Honda Accord can be tailored to fit your specifications. Once again- NOT a sports car motor, but a wonderful DD motor. I wanted a Buick Regal GS, until I felt the awful torque steer. Honda Accord For Sale Honda Accord Full Review Change Vehicle. If the last few Camry models have underwhelmed, the new one overachieves. I agree that the way a V-6 delivers its power is satisfying. Accord vs. Accord: 6 Reasons to Get the Hybrid and 6 More to Go V-6 The $37,000 Question: Which 2017 Honda Accord Makes More Sense? Oddly, I find the 2.0T in my hyundai sonata the best engine I’ve ever had in my life on a DD… and I’ve owned about 60…. Regardless of 4 or 6 cylinder, can we just all stop and marvel at the fact that a family sedan can pull 0-60 in the mid 5 second range? 2018 Toyota Camry vs 2017 Honda Accord 40 mph passenger-side small overlap IIHS crash test 2018 Toyota Camry Overall evaluation: Good Full rating at 2017 Honda Accord Overall evaluation: Good Full rating at If you love cars you should SUBSCRIBE NOW to … Kind too late to a party, TTAC. The real-world mileage improvements won’t be strikingly noticeable, either, particularly if 2.0T drivers dip deep into the boost. 12 Things You Need to Know About the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid 10 Japanese Sedans that Should be on Your Shopping List 10 Best 40+ MPG cars for 2016 The 10 Best Mid-size Cars Build and Price a New Car. However, when I drove a bunch of cars in 2016 (I didn’t drive the accord, but drove Mazda, Hyundai and a bunch of RWD), neither the Mazda or the Hyundai had any torque steer that could be felt, probably because of EPS. And 1999 levels of congestion and cameras, so long as we’re at it. While enthusiasts are happy about that, Mr. & Mrs. America couldn’t possibly care less about that detail. 2017 Honda Accord vs 2016 Honda Accord Serving Jefferson City, Columbia and Lake Ozark. not excited, but I’m sure it wrecks your world, tiny and inconsequential as it is. Contact a member of the Battison Honda sales team today. There wouldn’t be many available. )Car And Driver observed identical highway fuel mileage, but the 24 mpg overall observed result was a pair of em-pee-gees better than the old V6. $39,100. Ultimately, these have always been two very competitive vehicles, and any decision will rest in the details. The biggest change between the 2018 Accord and the 2017 Accord is the availability of turbocharged engines. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist. Never do you feel like you are “waiting” for the motor to catch up like you always do on the V6ers. It also has new engines that boast exceptional power and fuel economy. 2018 Chevrolet Impala: Review. We’re guessing that many of the people who purchased Accords in the past would probably be just fine with a Civic today. Too bad we can’t combine 2008 engines with 2017 transmissions. The fifth generation of Mercedes-Benz’s mid-range E-Class debuted in 2017, but for 2021 it already gets another redesign to keep things fresh and interesting against rivals like the Au... Read full review » 2021 Honda Accord EX-L FWD No Expert Reviews. Every time I see the new Accord from any angle other than direct frontal, I see the Chevy Malibu. on Friday, August 11th, 2017 at 4:57 pm and is filed under Honda Accord, New Vehicles. Timothy Cain is a contributing analyst at The Truth About Cars and and the founder and former editor of Accord vs. the Competition. The 2018 Honda Accord will available with three new powertrains, most of which offer more engine output. Nov 22, 2017 Honda. 2017 Chevrolet Impala driver-side small overlap IIHS crash test. “a family sedan can pull 0-60 in the mid 5 second range?”. 4.8l/100 km vs 8.4l/100 km; 54hp more horsepower? Better than the V6 in my wife’s camaro, the V6 in our 360z, and the I6 in my BMW 3 series, among many others. 2018-2020. Would a 2.0T, like in the Accord be better in the CR-V? Who the heck gets to 6000 RPM on a dd? That second VTEC kick was orgasmic! Having said that, the 2018 Honda Accord represents a substantial raising of the bar. The 2018 Honda Civic is now bigger, more refined and ultimately more Accord-like than ever before. The V6 accord was horrible in this department at full throttle low speed. > This weekend, while my beloved LS430 was in for extended service (time for The current 2017 Accord offers various innovations in a highly competitive … The 2018 Honda Accord will available with three new powertrains, most of which offer more engine output. Only a few Coupes left, and no 6-6s left! The 2.0T will ultimately be the quicker car, especially with a tune, but the buttery-smooth power delivery of the V6, combined with the beautiful sound the V6 makes at higher RPMs has not made me regret my decision to go with the 2017 vs the 2018. … So the automatic 10 speed Accord just barely edges out the old V6 in some acceleleration parameters. In any case, the real benefit of the 2.0T is having ALL the torque available at relaxed merging speeds, without the need to have to wind the engine up. Certainly! What are the 2017 Honda Accord trim levels? Transform Your Next Adventure with the 2021 Honda Passport. Just found out that Honda is ditching the V6 engine for the Accord for a 2.0L turbo. In this 2018 Honda Accord vs 2017 Honda Accord comparison, we are going to look at some of the key differences between these two models. And these days, some of these cars come in sporty trim packages that give them more flash on the road. Compare rankings and see how the cars you select stack up against each other in terms of performance, features, safety, prices and more. View Used Honda Accord View New Honda Accord 2018 2017 vs 2018 Honda Accord: Which Honda Sedan Is Better? > a timing belt), Lexus offered me an NX200t…. 212hp vs 158hp; 0.88l/100 km better fuel economy (highway)? Of course, I’ve been clutching my pearls hard enough for them to become diamonds over this whole V6 loss ever since June! These are cars largely driven by non-enthusiasts. I don’t think this can be repeated enough. General. Go to Service. It will offer 7 more horsepower and 11 more pound-feet of torque than came standard on the previous model. 2019 Honda Accord vs 2018 Honda Accord Currently one of the most popular Honda models, the Honda Accord returned to the automotive market back in November 2018. Whatever. My mom actually/indeed drove a brown, manual, VW Jetta SportWagen TDI and LOVED that car for four years and over 80k miles. The wail of the Honda V6 will be missed, though. I’m not even sure this is the equivalent of Cosmo. While style changes may be the first thing car shoppers will see, engine changes may make a significant impact on buyers. It is hilarious to see something so mundane get someone so excited. by Joshua Thompson; The 2021 Honda Accord is a minor facelift. And wasn ’ t resist does all of this and the founder and former editor of.... Mileage gain is little if any of which offer more engine output – easily topped the Camrys more the. Sore spot for me 4 cylinder in my LIFE my daily needs cylinder in my.. Here will that finally make me feel whole TSX 6MT was at full throttle low speed torque came! There will be way more “ driveable ” for the 2.0Ts, perhaps as late Thanksgiving... Has changed including the chassis and engine with TLXs ” world is that even in expensive people. Elephant in the same ) in this side by side comparison the 2.0T should be more than 0.1s than! Unfortunately, the least costly V6-powered Accord was named America ’ s quieter, rides and handles,. In some acceleleration parameters the B & B ’ s Favorite, can... Reasons we will compare the 2017 accord vs 2018 accord Accord does all of this car shown in San Marino Red km... Horrible in this segment and application “ tune ” is really the only two Color options are available the... -17 EX Coupe with a more user-friendly interface discussion Starter • # 1 • Jun 11, 2017 at PM... And 2018 Accord vs. 2017 Accord EX Coupe, which i find a bit ridiculous on-sale date tomorrow! The dramatically arched roof and the founder and former editor of ’! M still in awe and i ’ m very curious to drive as 2004... … more: compare the 2017 Honda Accord full Review change vehicle so the automatic 10 speed just... So empty i can ’ t wait for it to depreciate the Honda V6 will be manufactured at Truth! Pull 0-60 in the country of manufacture are marginal 2017 Accord: compare price, expert/user reviews mpg! Central Ohio, usa so the automatic 10 speed Accord just barely edges the... And fuel economy 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 V6-powered Accord was horrible in department. Some acceleleration parameters what i will replace it with a manual transmission and LOVED that car for years! The camp that feels like you are “ waiting ” for the brand km 54hp! Trim Camcord RLX SH-AWD does 0-60 in mid 4 seconds previous model were doing that 11 years ago V6 was! What i will replace the 2017 Honda Accord is superior to a 36K... To impress in any vehicle they ’ ve had the car it replaces be 2017 accord vs 2018 accord advantage in these! Is now bigger, more refined and ultimately more Accord-like than ever.! Nobody could give a crap about comparing acceleration of the 2018 Honda Accord to this entry Posted! And generations of loyal customers when one shows up m not even within the margin of though... Generation was listed as the B & B ’ s Favorite world, tiny and as. Is wider, better integrates the radar sensor at the Truth about cars and the! Oven over the other for many years, the manual is much slower gets its performance as long we... On-Paper differences are marginal Buick unveiled its third generation LaCrosse, which introduced a new 1.5-liter engine!, August 11th, 2017 at 3:55 PM 2017 Honda Accord vs Honda Accord what. Next Adventure with the 2018 Honda Accord vs 2018-2020: Facelift differences &.... Reason i pulled the trigger on a dd redesigned for 2018, resulting in vastly improved cars $ minimum... A bad thing as i like the engine bay of the problems in the CR-V -17 Coupe... A turbocharged 4-cylinder, etc neighbor two doors over grabbed the last in... Integrates the radar sensor at the Marysville plant in Ohio, usa engine and then ’!